Monday, 18 June 2007

Lady of Leisure

So now here I am a lady of leisure….. able to do all the things I have not had the time to do in the past.

Living in a small town and not having to work the women network soon envelops new comers. In January I was invited to join the art group, and the potters group, at these groups I learned about activities other ladies of leisure were doing to keep minds and hands busy. It was at the potters group that I learned about the embroidery group. Having delved a little in cross stitch and a few poor attempts at chain stitch, I joined the embroidery group. What a wonder; being the proverbial square peg I feel I have found my square fit.

I have posted some of my first attempts below.

In wanting to get more inspiration for projects I turned to the internet as in this lovely little town there are no library facilities, but then who needs a library when there is an electronic one sitting on my desk…albeit a slow one…it does work. After much searching I happened upon Sharon B’s embroidery stitch library, looked into the “a minute ago blog” and a new world was opened up to me. Sharon if you read this thank you so much for your information and totally unselfish sharing of your knowledge, blogs of interesting topics, I begin my day reading your blog and continue my day inspired.

Now I am going to try my hand at the beaded journal. I was too late to enter as I was on holiday and did not have access to the internet, but I am going to partake anyway.

I have decided that my journal pages will be dedicated to special people and events I have met and experienced. My first page I am going to dedicate to my Father as this is his birthday month, something to remember him by.

Bitten by the cross stitch bug but finding that there was just not enough liberty for what I had in my mind to achieve.

This was one of my first attempts at crazy quilting and embroydery. I am ashamed to say that these slippers are still a WIP.

This is where I create, this room is wonderful and has a beautiful outlook on our vast garden. I am so lucky!!

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