Wednesday, 4 July 2007

June Bead Journal Page

My June page is complete, here it is. This page as I have mentioned before is dedicated to my Father. The waves in the bottom left hand corner represent the sea, my Father would spend hours walking along the seashore; the heart in the top right hand block is placed probably out of place that’s because while my Father had a good heart but it wasn’t always in the right place. The Fleur-di-lis(sp?) represents my Father’s time with the Boy Scouts. I think he was always sorry he did not have a son, he loved the Scout movement. The wheels represent cogs in machinery; my father was an engineer by trade. Lastly the sequins represent the stars, as I believe that is where he would want to be, floating among the stars in the sky, he loved the night sky and star gazing.

Well now it is on to the next month; more about this in my next blog.

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