Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Take it Further Challenge - the beginning.....

At last the dial up is connected and I am able to just be in touch with the internet world. Malawi has many advantages, but there are some very small disadvantages – one of them being dial up internet connection – but enough of this on to more important matters.

The challenge for this month; I have decided to use both options for my January challenge, which I am going to call “Women of Malawi”. The reason for using the colours is because I saw this as an even bigger challenge for me, why? Because I can’t say that I am excited by these colours, however, when sitting on the veranda of our house looking out into the garden there before me are all the colours.

Now I am going to digress slightly to a conversation I remember having with my Granny when I was about thirteen when matching just the right colours was very important to me. I remember this as if it was yesterday; my Granny had just put a vase on the dining room table where I was sitting drawing; she said to me – “Isn’t nature wonderful, she can put colours together making them look as though they were meant to be together…….in the vase was a mixture of colours, golden yellow marigolds, soft lilac cornflowers, deep red roses, bright yellow daisies, yellow and purple pansies with their smiling faces. As I sit here on the veranda, I am faced with a similar bouquet; only this bouquet is not in a vase on the table but in the garden before me. How lucky I am!

Back to the present – I have chosen the Women of Malawi, because they work so hard and have to endure many hardships. Driving through rural Malawi it is not uncommon to see the women working the fields; usually she will have a baby on her back and two or three playing around her feet. When she returns home from the field she will have to go to the pump with a bucket to get water, then she will have to see to the children, make a fire, if there is no fire wood she will have to collect this first. Then there is the evening meal to prepare. In the morning she will stamp the corn, lay it out on a mat to dry in the sun, then it will be off to the fields again. Some young girls become women at a very early age, being left at home to look after her siblings. It’s a hard life for Women in Malawi – I know that Malawi is not the only place where a Woman’s lot is difficult, but I am here and I see it almost everyday.

Despite their hardship when greeted they reward you with the warmest of smiles.

I have also decide that in my challenge the piece of work I make will be incorporated in an article to be used, this month I will put my work on to a tote I have been crocheting.

My mind map.


Penny said...

Leslie, your blog is fascinating and I love the way you have been thinking of your TIF challenge. I would like to visit more often.

Leslie said...

Thank you Penny looking forward to seeing you again, Leslie

carrie said...

I also have been thinking of Malawi, but from a different viewpoint and an earlier time - hopefully I'll get going soon...

I enjoyed reading your thoughts, Leslie