Tuesday, 11 March 2008

February TIF - Sharon's colour palette

After much deliberation I decided to use the colour palette Sharon B set. However the other part of the challenge took be back in time to visit almost forgotten memories.

I remember when with R1 my mother would put 50c petrol in the car, which gave her a weeks worth of travelling backwards and forwards from home to school to work and back again. After we had filled the petrol tank we would drive around the corner to the Café where I would go in and buy a loaf of white bread, a loaf of whole wheat bread (this was for the dogs as we did not eat brown bread then), two packets of crisps and pa packet of beeches peppermint. I would come away with change in my hand.

I remember getting a record player for my 13th birthday, 1972, I had three vinyl records, Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake, and two seven singles; one by Elton John, one side played Candle in the wind and the other Bennie and the Jets. The other single was Cher, with Dark Lady on side one and I can’t remember what the song was on side two because I only played Dark Lady. When I hear any of the above played now I am taken immediately back to my room in our house in Wendywood.

I remember spending the summer weekends in the pool from early morning to early evening. I was never told to stay out of the pool at midday, I never once used sun protection cream….what was that? Sometimes at night I would have milky vision from the chlorine my Dad used to put in the pool water, but that was nothing a good night sleep couldn’t cure.

As both my parents worked I used to go to an aftercare centre when school finished in the early afternoon. I used to walk the 6 blocks from the school to the aftercare centre, sometimes alone and sometimes in a group. Sometimes when there was a group and mulberries were in season we would stop at a house en rout to the aftercare centre and feast on the mulberries from the branches hanging over the wall on to the pavement. We would be late getting to the aftercare centre; we would not be scolded for our tardiness, but we would be severely reprimanded about the mulberry stains on our clothes.

I remember the sad day when it was announced at the assembly that the church was going to be locked because the previous night it had been vandalised. This was unheard of; I remember one of the nuns crying at this ghastly incident and the outcome.
Memories have come to the forefront of my mind, some are wonderful, some have made me sad, especially because some of the people who helped to make the memories are no longer here…..some memories are just too painful to visit….some memories have made me smile and left me with a warm feeling.

I managed to complete my project on time but due to circumstances beyond my control I have not been able to post before now. Yet another challenge for me, I’ve tried where possible to stay within the palette set.
On my piece - going through my fabric and threads I came across a WISP and noticed that the colours in Sharon's palette, so I was very lucky not too much preparation was required. I had intended for this piece to be a bag and now I have managed to complete this WISP.


Jane said...

I've missed your postings! Very nice February piece and I enjoyed your story of what you remember...

Vicki W said...

Your TIF project turned out great!

Leslie said...

Hi Jane many thanks for stopping by.

Cheryl said...

Nice adaptation of crazy quilting for a kind of an ethnic looking purse.

Virgi said...

It is fabulous!
Thanks for sharing it!!

Pat Winter said...

Your memories were fun to read. I love your CQ purse.