Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Visitors to my Blog

Dear Ladies

Many thanks for visiting my blog and leaving comments here and on the TIFC blog. I have visited your blogs and feel privileged that you have taken the time to read and leave comments.

Please accept my apologies for not having returnd the favour when I have visited your blogs, but our connection at home is really awful and most frustrating. At the moment I am writing this from a smelly internet cafe....not my favourite place, but I just wanted you to know that I appreciate your time and attention.

Many thanks


Living in Luxembourg said...

I've just stumbled upon your blog, somehow through the TIF challenge, and wanted to say you have made some beautiful pieces. I'm totally drawn to the Malawi women quilt piece. I just recently made friends with a new neighbor who is originally from Malawi so I wondered what brought you there. Have a great day and keep posting.
Jocelyn Duffort
Living in Luxembourg

Norahfromnelspruit said...

Hello petal
Had to pop in and see what you've been up to - and boy you've been busy!! How about starting a quilting business? Would love a patchwork quilt to pass along to the next generation .....
Happy to pay but do expect a discount based on length of friendship, what does 33 years get me.........!!!!!!!
(not to be confused with D's mom!!!)