Thursday, 1 May 2008

April TIF - Change

Change and what it means to me.....I love change........ someone once said to me that the only constant is change. How true this is; my life has been one big change; I have with every change grown and been able to reinvent myself. My mother once referred to me as being like a chameleon, because I have always managed to blend into the surroundings I find myself in.

I am about to experience yet another change in my life, in July I will be moving to the UK with MDB, starting from scratch with a clean canvas. We have just purchased a flat, I will be looking for work in a new country, I will be shopping in different stores, I will brave weather I am not accustomed to. Commuting will be a new an adventure (or misadventure, as I have been told taking the train into London at peak times is a nightmare!). Well what ever it will be new and exciting.

My April TIF is not finished yet but soon will be......

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