Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Packing, Lunches and a travel kennel

The last couple of weeks have been so hectic......what with packing, farewell lunches and arranging a dog kennel for our baby. The packing is a little testing as MDB is finding it very hard to part with items that clearly he has not used since his arrival here four years ago. I on the otherhand have been there and done that so the precious few items I have left I am holding on to. All in all it has not been too bad, some heated moments have been smoothed over with a glass or two of red wine, much discussion and compromises galore.

In and amongst the packing there have been the lunches, absolutely wonderful to be with friends making memories that will be visited often in the months to come. Sadly though the waistline is really suffering.....

The most stressful thing has been locating and getting an IATA kennel for our Greatdane cross ridgeback. After much nail biting and stern telephone converstions our freight agent came to the rescue and located a perfect match for our girl. Now the stress levels are rising even higher as we are not able to get her to go in the kennel. Last night MDB and I took turns sitting (that is how big the kennel is) in the kennel with her while she tentativley ate her dinner stretched full length with back paws placed firmly at the door of the kennel. In addition to this the question to tranquilise or not......??

It will all come to pass and in a couple of days she will be in the UK in a snug Quarantine kennel dreaming of her next meal.....

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