Thursday, 4 September 2008

Feeling a little frustrated......

I feel like my hands are tied at the moment. I have a room full of works in progress, no work surface and no proper light, I know that things have to happen slowly but this is just a bit too slowly.

On the otherhand I have to look to what I have a chieved:
I have managed to get most of our posessions unpacked,
I have accomplished the disposal of all the unwanted packaging,
I have managed to do some sightseeing,
I have made contact with my best friends daughter and even had the time to show her how to crochet,
I have registered with several employment agencies,
Today I opened a banking account,
I have ventured to neighbouring villages and ventured on trains and busses alone,
I have explored my village and surrounding areas looking for walks to take our dog on,

So looking at this list I have managed quite a lot, but not my real passion.....embroidery....well it will come in time hopefully this weekend.

It is raining again....... Oh Rain rain go away come again another day.....

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