Monday, 13 April 2009

Sharon's challenge this month - Assisi Work

I'm not mad about Assisi work...for me it is too restricting....however I think that I have really stretched (for me anyway) Assisi work to the very limit.
Not knowing quite how I was going to tackle this challenge, I decided to delve deep into my stash and found a photo copy of a design I came upon in a library book so long was saved at a time when I was looking for inspiration for designs I could put onto pots I was making at pottery word that was eons ago....
I transfered the design on to this pink piece of material I bought last year. As I started to sew trees started to appear in the design, so this month I will call my piece "Assisi Trees".
Again I have had so much fun doing this piece, because I have just let it evolve....

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