Wednesday, 30 September 2009


My blue coat has taken a back seat for the moment, progress is very slow.....

Right now my attention has been concentrated on the making of fabric post cards. I started a birthday swap over at . This is proving to be most enjoyable 'meeting ' like minded people in cyberspace. There was a time in my life when I was very solitary. This interaction would have been just great at that time but I have moved on now and my life is very full, I'm really lucky.

The other day I passed an Interior Decorating shop in our high street and noticed that they had put out a few sampler booklets for sale on the pavement. One of the booklets with plain fabrics in a rainbow of colours caught my eye and started the imagination cogs rolling. I snatched this up in a minute and could not wait to get home to do something with the fabric........Later.... a trip to the local treasure trove called Thread Bears I saw a piece of canvas work that I thought I would try out.......this is the result.

Then there have been other distractions such as candle lit dinners, spider watching, long walks in the Surrey countryside, housework, travels on the train and visiting with family.

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