Friday, 24 December 2010

Remembering my New Granny - 23rd December 1913 - August 1990

Christina - Smith - Mrs Mac
I met my New Granny for the first time at the age of four....she lived in Natal when we lived in Johannesburg...because of some family differences (there were always differences in our family at one time or another) our meeting was delayed. I remember my NG's house was filled with animals of none sort or another...her house always smelled of fresh NG's favourite herb...when she died, my father and I found brown paper packets full of lavender, stuffed in amongst her underware, sheets and blankets.. I remember opening her fridge and smelling toffee...she gave me a houshold tip..."I always sprinkle a few drops of vanilla essence on the wipe down cloth after I have cleaned the fridge...that's what makes it smell like toffee!"

My NG always looked her best even when she was feeling her worst, she never grumbled about anything (though she had plenty to grumble about) and I never heard say anything bad about anyone. Her hands were always busy with something, be it knitting, sewing or gardening. When she wasn't doing any of that she was reading...she was never bored and I was never bored when I visited with her.

Happy Birthday my heart always...

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kaite said...

a lovely tribute to NG, hgz...k.