Wednesday, 27 April 2011

an indigo heart


this inspiration for this cloth came from Jude over at Spiritcloth …. I love hearts … I started this cloth it in heart month…when I was young and at boarding school, it was the month I dreaded the most…no Valentines for me…once I got one from my father…(bless him)…I scolded him for sending it …. that was not the done thing!!

Anyway this is my Valentine cloth to me….

the little indigo heart the inspiration for the name of the cloth….

…this cloth hangs on the wall in my work room where i can enjoy it….it warms my heart….


Tammy said...

This is just beautiful. You can be very proud of such a lovely cloth and sentiment ..loving yourself in such a way. Love the name of your blog too!!

Els said...

WOW Leslie! a fully finished heart quilt(let) Again you worked some wonders with the whites and off-whites. The stitching is perfect, all those different pieces. I love the way you did the corners of that border with the "wrong" sides up ! You can be very proud!

kaite said...

beautiful work, and made just for you, well done.