Friday, 10 August 2012

a break in the rain….


Aberdeen is visible again…clean…sparkly…looking like a new pin….


just look at this day….one can hardly believe that yesterday it was so dark in my studio, I had to have the light on…the window is open today…the sound of the gardeners busy in the garden is bombarding my eardrums…they are cutting the grass. I always wait to smell the sweet smell of freshly cut grass….but am always disappointed because there is no smell at all…


this is a jasmine plant…plenty of flowers but no fragrance not even in the evening…just look how the gardener has hacked it with his machete…no matter how many times I tell them not to touch it this is what they do…defiance! The consolation is that in a month that will have grown back with interest so I don’t let it bother me….too much….anymore….!


kaiteM said...

I do like that window of yours, it's so wide. reminds me of something, an old half forgotten memory.

Greasyming said...

this is a very old house and this is the lightest room in the house...that is why I have it as my "studio"..I am going to miss it in China because we will be in a small high rise apartment...but hey I still have over 200 days left here so i'm going to make them count...

Lilian Nell said...

It's Lil, Danny Bamin's fiance. We met a few times camping down at the BHC beach :-)
I just stumbled upon an old email where you gave me this link.
This post made me Freetown-sick.
I hope you are enjoying camping trips and the lush green that follows the end of the rains.
All the best,

Greasyming said...

Hi Lillian of course I remember you....thanks for visiting and might I just say that you are better off where you are...this year has been a hard year and the lovely lush green you talk of has been rather the moment we are shrouded in desert dust.....we will toast you and Danny this weekend at Tokeh